Herb Rosenblat

I have been Using American Dispatchers & Auto Relo Services for the Past Year to transport My motorcycles across the country. I buy motorcycles in many different states and ship them to my warehouse on the east coast, Mike knows his stuff. If your reading this testimonial take if from me, the worst thing you can do in this industry is price shop. If you found American Transport to book your job without delay and leave it to them, they always come through and will do it at the best price, regardless of what other companies claim no body beats there service, all my bikes to date have arrived in perfect condition and on time every time with no delays, even if i may of paid a little more at times, i am more than happy to do so to get this level of service. thanks Mike i ship 40 bikes a month and your my only go to guy for transporting them.

Joel Berretta

This was the best service I've ever had hands down. I was contacted with care by Mike Who happens to be the most knowledgeable guy I've spoke to out of about 20, you can tell right away Mike really knows his stuff when it comes to transporting vehicles, he walked me through the whole process. I would with out a debut do business with United again. Thanks Mike American Dispatchers & Auto Relo

Amanda C Connie

I found American Dispatchers & Auto Relo through a couple of friends who recommended their services, I could not of been more happy with Mike he is the best, he explained everything to me over the phone and took the time to answer all of my questions, He Got my New 2010 Jaguar picked up super fast from the dealer in NY and Delivered to Long Beach, Ca on the 6th day, all for $898.00, The Driver Joe Marello was also very friendly and you can tell by the truck he owns he knows his job. No damage, fast service, great commutation from Mike, top of the line 18 wheeler carrier, along with a very experienced driver. Do not hesitate to let American Earn Your business because they sure will.

Maria Parra

One of my brothers who lives in Chicago gave me his car however since I live in CA I had to figure out how to get the car to me. I have to admit it was a bit scary since I had never done this before but Anthony made the process go very smooth and he was very assuring. I also liked the fact that I only had to pay a deposit and the rest due once the car was delivered which also made me feel a lot more comfortable. The car arrived ahead of schedule and the driver was very nice and accommodating. If I ever have to transport another vehicle I would use United . again. Thanks American Dispatchers & Auto Relo , Mike I Highly recommend you…. Maria

Bobby Chang

Subject: Shipping Infinity G35 Coupe from Tampa to San Francisco Review: The quote from American Dispatchers & Auto Relo was substantially below others that I received. I was initially concerned about choosing Transport. However, after reading the volume of reviews posted, I decided to give it a try. The pick up was a bit of a problem, nothing to do with the driver. Finding a place to load the car was the problem since it was not possible to do that at my residence. We tried to load the car in an empty parking lot of a bowling alley but the manager threatened to call the police for trespassing. The driver ended up loading my car on the truck on the road side. There was no problem at the delivery end according to my son in San Francisco. Overall I am very pleased with the service and it is a Great Deal to be able to ship a car from FL to CA for only $650 Thanks Mike

Travis H.

Subject: MN to CA Review: Initial concerns: (followed by results) 1) pricing: Competitive. 2) Promptness: On-time pickup and early delivery. (Quickly adapted to a requested change in drop-off plans as well) 3) Transporter: Large, secure transporter. 3) Communication: Driver (Jason) was available on cell phone during transport. 4) Delivery: Pickup/Delivery was on narrow streets and was expertly navigated by driver. (Amazingly so, as I didn't think it could be done) 5) Condition: Not a scratch. Quite literally, D.E.A.T mitigated all concerns. They know what they're doing.

Sandy Stone

Subject: Job Well Done Review: No problems No Damage Good Communication Prompt-Assigned Truck Very Quickly Picked Up Vehicle Very Quickly Reasonable Rate Definitely Would Use them Again As a Matter of Fact I Already Have Used Them Again American Dispatchers & Auto Relo

Mike Deluca

Pennsylvania to California Auto Transport Review: This was the first time that I purchased an out-of-state vehicle and needed to find a reputable transport company to take my car cross country. I researched and contacted several companies and chose United They were extremely helpful to a novice like myself and worked with me step-by-step. The driver was very conscientious and treated my car as if it were his own. I would definitely use American Dispatchers & Auto Relo again for my future auto shipping needs.

Joe Goldstein

Subject: NJ to FL - Great! Review:2nd to last car on, and 2nd to first car off. Northern NJ to South FL in 26 hours. Drivers were within 30 minutes of the ETA provided at the time of pick-up, and took all calls relating to the status of both pick-up and drop-off. Great service at a great price.

Ray milani

Service Review: We have recommended you to a lot of our customers and we are very happy with your service. We have used you twice ourselves. Keep up the good work. We just referred another customer to you on Monday. He bought a MINI Cooper from us that he wants shipped to Las Vegas. Ray

peter raza

Signed up 5 days ago with American Dispatchers it was a local transport of 9 cars they got me picked up the same day and delivered same day . great customer service and the truckers did a perfect job .. highly recommenced .. thanks peter .

Cecilia and Adam Perez

After using American Pride Autoride 8/14/010 first for a quote of 800.00 they took my deposit of 150.00 before they even put my vehicle on a truck!! I was mad because it was already three weeks and still no delivery date. I was entitled to get my deposit back but that meant I needed to find a new transport company. The whole thought of spending more money made me sick to my stomach! I called around and we contacted American Dispatchers & Auto though email and Mike called me back and gave me the honest truth and made me feel so much better and helped me chose this company that I should of called first. He told me that they work for their money. The 73 Impala we bought off of E-Bay was transported from MI on 9/4/10 to TX on 9/9/10 and Mike was correct when he said they would deliver and when the driver came we actually met him because he had never been to South TX and took 25.00 off the C.O.D. The car was just how we expected to see it. I had a very good experience and I thank you again Mike for being such an honest and hard working guy. I just now got my deposit back from those American Pride Autoride scammers just this Tuesday 09-14-10 Thanks Again :) Cecilia and Adam Perez

Mr. glendale

Shipped my car with American Dispatchers & Auto Relo and if was a great experience. Mike is very Transport savoy and can answer all your questions, you can tell right away he knows the industry like the back of his hand. He had my car picked up the same day because another transporter dropped the ball and could not get me done in time because i was leaving on a flight, i later found out the job was low balled and no driver wanted it for the low price. thanks to Mike i got on my flight on time and the driver Alex, was super fast and picked me up right away! i strongly recommend you guys to everyone that needs transporting . thank you Mr. Glendale. moc.oohay%40321eladnelg

Mrs. C. Robinson

Subject: Superb service at an affordable price that any Military personnel would love Review: In today's economy it's nice to find an auto transport carrier that is not only ranked by the Better Business Bureau by one that offers exceptional customer service at a price that is reasonable to my pockets. As a military spouse I checked out other auto transport carriers and was quoted around the high 700s to the low thousand (which they deemed was my military discount if they even offered one at all) which I felt was outrageous. American Speedway Logistics answered my questions regarding my transport with a smile over the phone and expedient (no wait time whatsoever). Besides the customer service my driver Bennett was friendly and arrived on time for pick-up and drop-off....I will most definitely use and recommend this auto transport service in the future I or someone else is buying a car from another state and or needing assistance while changing duty stations. Keep up the great work American Relo you made a believer out of me that even in recession customer service down not have to dwindle.

Robin Clark

We had a small pop-top camper transported from Green Bay, WI to Long Island, NY... American Speedway Logistics worked with both the seller's schedule and ours. They were helpful, courteous, and always in touch with us. Should we ever need to transport another vehicle, we would - without hesitation - call United They were great, their prices were great, and I highly recommend them! Thanks Mike


I had to ship my jeep from NJ to the mountains of Colorado. I got a lot of phone calls and quotes and advice and after a few phone calls from Anthony at American Speedway Logistics. I decided to sign up with him as he seemed to know his business well. After I signed up with him, I received more phone calls claiming that I made a wrong decision and that I will not get good service. I emailed Anthony and told him my concerns and he was very patient with me and answered my questions and within 2 days he got me a trucker! The trucker called right away and picked up my jeep and delivered it in 4 days!!! I was shocked that it happened that fast and the car was delivered in perfect shape when it got there. The trucker was polite and on time. I would recommend American Speedway Logistics to my friends and family in the future!!! Great, fast, polite service!!! Thank you Mike!

Win Hirsch

Excellent Service Review: I searched the internet thoroughly, there price was very competitive. Truck was assigned same day I placed the order, car was picked up in Wisconsin one day after first day available. Driver was very knowledgeable and careful. Estimated delivery time was 7 days and car arrived in 5. Driver stayed in contact with me all the time he was in California and kept me informed on were he was and estimated delivery time. I live in the mountains and it was snowing on delivery day, but driver was still willing to bring the truck up the mountain to deliver to my house. We decided on a meeting place down the mountain, I was worried it was too dangerous to handle that big truck on icy mountain roads, but was very impressed the driver was willing to try it. Great service, I would definitely use them again. Did it all online and everything happen exactly how they said it would? Very impressed.

Mary Brabec

We were very happy with all aspects of the transport of our car from Chicago to San Francisco. Anthony was efficient, followed through, was very patient with any of our questions and was great even after the car was picked up. The driver was good with advance calls to arrange the exact pick up time. He was polite and efficient. We appreciated the door to door delivery. The car was in great shape when delivered. I would recommend them. I did get a few lower bids but the customer service and delivery of my car was worth a few $ more. The customer service was outstanding. Thanks Mike



Deon Jones

We were very happy with all aspects of the transport of two cars from Florida to Washington. Anthony sounded like someone I could trust. The driver was good with responding to my phone calls and e-mails. We appreciated the door to door delivery. The cars were in great shape when delivered. I would recommend them. The service and delivery of our cars was great. The customer service was outstanding. Thanks Mike

John Flynn

Subject: New car purchase & transport Review: We had been searching for over a month for a specific Mercedes Benz to purchase either new or slightly used. We found the exact one we had been looking for on the internet being offered by a MB dealer in Pennsylvania. We worked with our local Minneapolis MB dealer on trying to have them get the car and do the deal locally with no luck. We decided to take the next step, which was to purchase the car over the phone/email with the Pennsylvania dealer directly. This meant that we would have to have the car shipped to us after the purchase was complete. Having never done this before, it was a little un-nerving to say the least. But with the ease and OUTSTANDING service from United we really had nothing to worry about. In fact, the purchase and delivery of the vehicle could not have gone any smoother, even if we had bought the car in person. The car was picked up right on schedule and delivered within a day or so in perfect condition. In the future, if we ever have to ship a car again, we will be contacting United We highly recommend their service and their prices can't be beat!

Jim Bowles

Subject: Getting my truck back Review: I personally financed a truck for a friend working for me in Southern California. When he moves to Oregon I hoped he would continue to make his payments. He didn't. I needed to find someone to pick up the truck in Oregon and bring it back to me in Southern California. I went on line and found United trucking The process was simple and they were less expensive than two other places I contacted for a quote. The truck showed up just as they said. I will use All Weather, again if I need to ship a vehicle. A simple process at a great price. Thanks United for everything! Happy Trails.... Jim


Subject: Great Service, Prompt and affordable Cost! Review: From scheduling the pick up to transporting the car from source to destination was so easy than I ever thought. The online process to schedule pick up was so convenient and prompt courtesy mails to notify of the status of my order was truly helpful. Carrier was assigned in no time without any longer waiting time. The carrier service was prompt and I had my car, transported safely and on time. Now I can recommend United for safer and smarter auto transport as now I have enough reason under my shoulder to proclaim so.


Subject: Recommended!! Review: Very prompt professional service!!! Car was picked up on time, delivered right to my home street, even though most of the companies told it might cost extra to deliver it to Brooklyn, to go over the bridge from NJ.

Jonathan Rogers

Subject: Quick Cross Country Transport Review: Had a car shipped from Virginia to California because I got a late notice for a job opening and couldn't (nor would I want to) make the drive. This was my first time having a car transported, and I made several calls with questions, but the person who talked to me was very patient, informative and helpful. Called to make the reservation on Sunday and by Tuesday night my car was picked up. Very friendly driver. 7 days later my car showed up in California in perfect condition. No dings, no scratches, nothing. There was a bit of dirt, but traveling across country one would expect that. Paid the quoted price, no funny business. Also, I left a Bluetooth headset, and a GPS in the car and nothing was touched. Totally secure in transit, and completely trustworthy. Would definitely use again.

Long Tran

Subject: Service Excellent! Review: This is the first time I call car shipping company and I got the price very reasonable. I decided to ship with this company and they email me days after for information for trucking company will come to pick-up my car then 4 days after that my daughter received the car in same condition no damage. I would call this company again and refer their phone number to my friends and everyone if you looking for car shipping company than United is a reliable, fast service, cheap price compare to the other company

Duc Frost

Subject: Service Excellent! Review: This is the first time I call car shipping company and I got the price very reasonable. I decided to ship with this company and they email me days after for information for trucking company will come to pick-up my car then 4 days after that my daughter received the car in same condition no damage. I would call this company again and refer their phone number to my friends and everyone if you looking for car shipping company than United is a reliable, fast service, cheap price compare to the other company

Mr. & Mrs Ronnie Cofax

Great Job Review: I was extremely pleased with the driver, customer service and promptness of my delivery. I would definitely recommend United for your shipping services. They also offered the best pricing out of 20 or more companies I contacted. Great job!!!

santha ross

Excellent Service, Best price Review: The service was excellent and on time. I contacted United on Wednesday for first available pickup day is Saturday. The assigned carrier picked up my car on Monday evening and it was delivered on Wednesday evening. Car was in good condition. The carrier driver was excellent and helpful. The whole process was fast and easy. I would recommend this company to anyone.

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