Company Privacy Policy & Terms Relocation Specialist & American Dispatchers, & Shipper Agree To The Following:

Maintaining your trust and confidence is a high priority. We recognize that protecting the privacy and security of our clients is an important responsibility. That's why we want you to understand how we protect your privacy when we collect and use information about you, and the steps that we take to safeguard that information.

Terms & Conditions

1. Pick up and delivery is from your door unless residential area restrictions apply. Door to door service is Not Guaranteed. The quote the customer gets through email is the estimated drivers cost for delivery and is not guaranteed by our company. If your vehicle is inoperable or oversize (dual or oversize wheels, extra-large, racks, lifted, limo, etc.), or if you're not coming into or going out of a major city's extra charges may be applied from your driver. If a customer has an inoperable, oversized vehicle or located in a rural area all extra charges must be paid in cash or money order, made payable to the delivery company. 2. The carrier and driver jointly and separately are authorized to operate and transport his/her or their motor vehicle between its pick up location and the destination set forth on this shipping order-bill of lading. 3. American Speed Auto Transportation agrees to provide a carrier to transport your vehicle as promptly as possible in accordance with your instructions but cannot guarantee pick-up or delivery on a specified date or time. The Quote we send customers through email is the Carriers Estimated Cost to transport the customer vehicle. American Speed Auto Transportation does not guarantee the final price from the driver (Cod). We are Dispatchers and the up front fee we collect to book your transport is our fee, and is a separate fee from the emailed quoted open carrier estimate. Once the customer signs our contract The upfront fee we collect is Not Refundable at any point and is considered Forfeited under contract law in the United States this is at the point of signing. Our fee is to find you a fully licensed and Insured Auto Carrier. If a customer is not being shipped from a major city to a major city the customer under contract is subjected to fuel and other surcharges directly from the carriers to cover the expenses to get the carrier out to a customer's area . If a customer has an oversized vehicle or a vehicle that does not run the customer is subjected to surcharges directly from the auto carrier . please consult your logistics expert for advice. 4. Shipper shall remove all non-permanent outside mounted luggage and other racks prior to shipment. Vehicles must be tendered to carrier in good running condition (unless otherwise noted) with no more than a half tank of fuel (prefer 1/4 tank). 5. Luggage and personal property must be confined to trunk, with no heavy articles, and not to exceed 100 lbs.. Carrier is not liable for personal items left in vehicle, nor for damage caused to vehicle from excessive or improper loading of personal items. American Speed Auto Transportation does not agree to pay for your rental of a vehicle, nor shall it be liable for failure of mechanical or operating parts of your vehicle. 6. Trucking damage claims, although rare, are the responsibility of the assigned carrier who is required by law to carry a minimum of 3/4 of a million dollars public liability. All claims must be noted and signed for at time of delivery, and submitted in writing to the assigned carrier within the terms of that carrier's bill of lading. American Speed Auto Transportation will share the carrier insurance policy information upon request but is not the entity responsible for any damages. The assigned carrier is solely responsible for the condition of your vehicle while it is in his possession. 7. No electronic equipment, valuables, plants, live pets, alcohol, drugs or firearms, may be left in the vehicle. 8. International orders, the car must be empty except for factory installed equipment. Indicate serial #, and give car's approximate value in U.S. dollars. Shipper is responsible for the proper customs paperwork. (ask the assigned carrier for help with these documents) 9. This agreement and any shipment here under is subject to all terms and conditions of the carrier's tariff and the uniform straight bill of lading, copies of which are available at the office of the carrier. This supersedes all prior written or oral representation of and constitutes the entire agreement between shipper and and may not be changed except in writing signed by an officer. U.S. Department of Transportation Broker's license number is DOT # - 2864492 We have adopted this policy with recognition that protecting the privacy and security of the personal information we obtain about our clients is an important responsibility. We also know that you expect us to service you in an accurate and efficient manner. To do so, we must collect and maintain certain personal information about you. We want you to know what information we collect and how we use and safeguard that information. What Information We CollectWe collect certain nonpublic personal identifying information about you (such as your name, address, social security number, etc.) from information that you provide on applications or other forms as well as communications (electronic, telephone, written or in person) with you or your authorized representatives. What Information We DiscloseFor current and former clients, we do not disclose any nonpublic personal information obtained in the course of our practice except as required or permitted by law. Permitted disclosures include, for instance, providing information to our employees, and in limited situations, to unrelated third parties who need to know that information to assist us in providing services to you. In all such situations, we stress the confidential nature of information being shared. Security of Your InformationWe retain records relating to professional services that we provide so that we are better able to assist you with your professional needs and, in some cases, to comply with professional guidelines. In order to guard your nonpublic personal information, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with our professional standards. Changes to our Privacy Policy or Relationship With YouOur policy about obtaining and disclosing information may change from time to time. We will provide you notice of any material change to this policy before we implement the change. Please call if you have any questions, because your privacy, our professional ethics, and the ability to provide you with quality services are very important to us.